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Medical Careers


CTE Certified Nursing Assistant – AM

CTE Certified Nursing Assistant - PM


Wendi Hews

Registered Nurse

CPR Certified Trainer

ASHI Trainer

Certified PSS Trainer


873-0102, ext. 264


General Overview

Students will learn the basics of the health care field. The curriculum includes study in Anatomy/Physiology, Medical Terminology, Human Growth and Development and Disease Processes. Course requirements include lectures/note-taking, written assignments, lab work, and patient contact through clinical hours.


Lippincott’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants.

Readability score: 9th grade

Student Expectations

Certified Nursing Assistant

Goal: Obtain the State of Maine Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate

  • Maintain an average of 86 or better in classroom work.

  • Maintain a classroom attendance of 90% or better.

  • Attend 70 clinical hours that may be scheduled outside of class time.

  • Demonstrate professional attitude and work ethic in class and during clinical hours.

  • Absence of substance use or abuse. Must be free of criminal conviction.

  • Maintain strict patient confidentiality and safety.


Student Certification Available

State of Maine Certified Nursing Assistant

ASHI First Aid & AHA CPR

Dual Enrollment Credit Available


Integrated Credit Available

Science, Physical Education select sending schools